We've been around since 1975 ... going strong

The Mountain Transit Authority (MTA) is a four-wheel drive club located in San Jose, FJ40California. MTA was established in 1975, making it one of California’s oldest active off-road clubs. We are an organization to keeping our trails open and clean. Our club operates as a nonprofit group, supporting the ideas of family four-wheeling and the enjoyment of our country’s natural resources. We are affiliated with the California Association of 4 WD Clubs and the Toyota Land cruiser Association. While we are primarily a Landcruiserrock crawling club, we also enjoy night wheeling and snow runs during the winter months. We average one organized run per month, with many smaller trips sprinkled in between. Each year MTA members visit Fordyce Creek, Rubicon (many times), Barrett Lake, Swamp Lake, Dusy, and Moab.

We also host a weekend adventure, known as "Frolic" in the Hollister Hills SVRA. During this three-day period in April, MTA members and their guests have sole use of the Upper Ranch area and its trails. Our current roster includes 12 families, many with more than 15 years of continuous membership..​

About our Club